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Both days were phenomenal!

So the “Pancakes and Booze art show” was a hit! I met some really talented amazing people plus made great sales on both days. I’ve participated in this show back in September where I did make some nice sales but not as much as I did this time around. The biggest sale that made a difference was when I sold a canvas print worth $250 to an art collector making his rounds around the show. I know he had a great time. Knowing this was my 2nd art show here and wondering how people would respond to my art, I honestly did not know what to expect against other artist and vendors within the venue. I surprised myself yet amazed the potential clients fascinated with the work I produced. Will be back in September for sure.

Feb 23, 2018

We all made each other happy camper lol

Feb 24,2018

The second day went well too (I honestly did not feel like taking more pictures this day, but there is some more I took but will post later on) Had a great time with silly company :)

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