About me

My first encounter with art was when my dad wanted me to draw Tweety bird. He had a simple sketch tutorial sheet for me to practice on. That was when I was about seven or eight years old. Since he was a comic book artist who had high experience in drawing, photoshop and the media, he obviously saw the potential I had at a young age when I naturally did not see it in myself, but drawing has always been a home beacon for me. I surely hope my art come across off as inspiring and intimate, as if a person can imagine themselves dancing .


Anyone or anything can inspire my thoughts for creativity. A song, a quote, a conversation, experience. Living life inspires me, no matter where I may be. The odd, eccentric and beautiful, this is where I navigate too on developing my style and themes.


Since then, my talents have mostly been developed on a self-taught basis. My interest have always been on sketching and digital art, though as of late I have focused more on graphic design and manipulation, which have stirred a broth of visualized themes within myself that I have imposed on my recent art forms. In 2016, I collaborated in developing a 8.5 x 11 poetry anthology with a person with innovative ideas. I designed its oddly beautiful cover and most of the graphics within the book, alongside my twin sister, who is also an artist. We had a successful book release party October 1, 2016 at a retro spot in Hyde Park Chicago called "The Silver Room." In the process we have made contact with models interested in being featured in the book. It was a gold nugget, though, a glamorous treasure I had to depart from. And now I am developing a new book that will feature artists works, models and the most important part, poetry from across the states.

So as you may have figured, I am based in Chicago Illinois. Born and raised in an artistic family, within one of the most creative cities in the states. I specialize in photoshop, graphic design and drawing. I have an established interest in eccentric ideas, flaws, beauty, fashion and the like, which I gather for my idealistic flow. But the most important piece that I love to add to my art is collaboration and team-work from other people, to not be too engrossed in my head, to not be kept in a box because there is so much I can gather from if I leave my heart open to other people ideas and insights. I focus on the odd, implement the unique and emboss the forgotten that have never been. But foremost, the simple.