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I am not a poet

Poetry and art are two entities I've never dismissed. When it comes to writing, especially poems, a lot of children just don't get it. I remember writing my mom a poem in my 3rd or 4th grade classroom, obviously a school assignment I had taken home to give to her. I don't recall her expression when I gave it to her but I can sure imagine she loved it enough to keep it stacked away with the other school projects I had brought home from school. From time to time I see my first poem I've written a decade and a half ago (yea I'm not that old lol) and I wonder a nostalgic presence within me. It's funny the things you did when you were younger affects you the person that you are now, especially the things you loved doing. Traits and idle thoughts leave as one matures, but with maturity carries childhood fantasies that can become a reality. I am not a poet, but my 9 year old self says "Rhyming is easy why is it hard for other kids?"

*Once I find that poem I'll post it*

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