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Distant Lover or Moonage Daydream?

Distant Lover

An earthling gazing into the eyes of an celestial spaceman.

I finally finished my newest celestial artwork! It took a couple of months to finish. I was inspired by an altered comic themed illustration that caught my eye some time last year. It also reminded me of my other art work "Night's Tears", and since I'm obsessed with space art and the celestial universe I truly wanted to finish this work, especially since I'm about to start my new job for training next week at the airlines. Actually when I started this new project, it was supposed to be ANOTHER version of "Night's Tears" that I created in 2017. But as I continued, I started to imagine and ponder on a sci-fi story I've had in my head for a couple of years (I used to write short stories when I was younger) and my brain somehow connected this project to an amazing relationship I'm in that is 'out of this world', ethereal, so to speak. So unbeknownst to me, I've created an artwork with multiple variables that can be interpreted in different ways, plus it can be viewed as a metaphor for me personally. I'm still in a debating match about the title. Should I call it Distant Lover or Moonage Daydream? Vote by using the poll below!

Night's Tears 2017

A man and woman gazing at each other from afar, both of which can never reach the other. A forbidden love.

Unknown artist


  • Distant Lover

  • Moonage Daydream


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